Annual Reports

Attention all A&WMA Sections and Chapters: 

Annual Reports are due March 31, 2023!

The Annual Report is your chance to tell the Sections & Chapters Council and the rest of the Association about all of the great things you have been doing for your members, the environmental profession, and the community. 

We are using the same user-friendly Survey Monkey format as last year.  If you're new to the process, watch the Annual Reports POSS (periodic online sharing session) at the link below to learn the new system and tips on making the filing of your report easier. 

Only timely submissions can be considered for the Minasian and Chapter Cup Awards, which will be conferred at the Annual Conference in June. And, not that we ever anticipate getting late reports, but we still want your submissions even if you can’t quite make the March 31 deadline.

Before you get started, please review the instructions below and gather all of the information in the checklist before you start the process online. Choose ONE person designated to enter the information into the survey.  This person will be able to go back and add or change responses at a later date and the information will be saved, but it will have to be done from the same IP address (both computer and browser) that started the survey.  Please DO NOT start a second survey for your section or chapter. 

Annual Report Checklist 
Annual Report Instructions
Sample survey  
(For viewing only, don't complete the PDF version, please click the button below to go to the live survey) 
Minasian/Chapter Cup Award Point Structure 
Section/Chapter Membership Counts 
(2021/2022 comparisons)  

Additional forms are attached below so you can fill them out before starting the process, or after you have completed it, as in the case of the Update of Officers Form. 
Student Chapter Report and Award Form 
Update of Officers Form 

First time completing, or need a primer on completing the Annual Report?  View the webinar below. 
Annual Report POSS Training 

If you need real-time membership data, please go to the Member Reports Portal. Email if you do not have access to this information.